” A custom wood sign, the perfect gift ”
Novelty Sign Carver specializes in Novelty, Gift Signs and Plaques
Actual V-Carving
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Custom carved wood novelty, gift signs and plaques
with the precision of CNC technology.

Specializing in camping signs, gift signs, address signs and novelty signs.
Most of the signs I carve are smaller in size. I like to keep things simple. Please visit my gallery, and if you see something in there that you like, by all means contact me. The best sizes are 24″ x 7 1/4″ and smaller. “The Peach Pit” sign above is 24″ x 7 1/4″and carved out of Cedar.
Signs that are intended for indoor use can be carved with a wider variety of materials and are not nearly as prone to warpage as outdoor signs. For outdoor signs I generally use Cedar. For finish I apply 3 coats of Spar Urethane, front and back.
Contact me @mike@noveltysigncarver.com.
Or text me @ 402-450-0970. and let’s get your projects started.

Serving satisfied customers from coast to coast.
Novelty Sign Carver custom carved wood novelty, gift signs and plaques.
Small sign manufacturing.

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