” A custom wood sign, the perfect gift ”
Novelty Sign Carver specializes in Novelty, Gift Signs and Plaques
Actual V-Carving
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Custom cnc carved wood novelty, gift signs and plaques
with the precision of CNC technology.

For those of you not familiar with the term CNC…It stands for Computer Numerical Control…let the bits and bytes do the thinking for you.

My signs are expertly designed and carved with precision. When completed, you will have a quality personalized sign that can be proudly displayed on your House, Camper, RV, or your cabin at the lake. Have entire sets carved for your Hunting or Fishing Camps.

If you are getting married, each member of your wedding party could have a name plate for their spot at the head table at your reception.

Sign carving process:

At Novelty Sign Carver (formerly Mike’s Wood Signs), the first step in creating your own unique project begins by developing your ideas or artwork in a special computerized sign carving design program. This program will accurately simulate the look of the carving so you can see what your sign will look like. As part of the order process, I will e-mail the rendition to you for your approval. After your approval and payment, I load the G-code file (created by the sign carving program) into the computer of my CNC machine where a CNC controller program takes over. This amazing program starts its work by reading the G-code that was created by the design software. It then interfaces or “talks code “ to the CNC machine and directs the carving path of the routers cutter head mounted on the machine to carve your sign.

Advantage of  CNC vs. Freehand carving:

CNC carved signs are much more accurate and can duplicate most of your favorite lettering. I can carve a beautiful sign or a plaque for your special events. With this technology I can duplicate as many as you need and all will be exactly the same. Let me create your own unique sign with your personal touch.
Contact me @mike@noveltysigncarver.com.
Or text me @ 402-450-0970. and let’s get your projects started.

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Novelty Sign Carver custom carved wood novelty, gift signs and plaques.
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