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” A custom wood sign, the perfect gift ”
Specializing in Novelty, Gift Signs, and Camping Signs.

Why wood signs ?
A custom carved wood sign gives warmth and  a sense of character  to that room in your house or in your lake cabin. Display a beautifully carved camping sign with your name engraved on it, at your  favorite  campsite.

Types of signs:
At Novelty Sign Carver, I specialize  in carving custom wood signs. Camping signs, gift signs, address signs and novelty signs etc.
Please visit my gallery, and if you see something in there that you like, by all means contact me.

The best sizes are 24″ x 7 1/4″ and smaller. “The Peach Pit” sign above is 24″ x 7 1/4″and carved out of Cedar. The “Blissful Floral Creations” sign is 10″x 6″.

Sign Environment:
It is important to know the environment where your sign will be placed i.e. indoors or outdoors, because this affects the type of materials used and finish that will applied for the durability of your sign. I can advise you as to what steps may be necessary to maintain the finish of your wood sign. Please contact me  by email at mike@noveltysigncarver.com
or text @ #402-450-0970 and let’s get you project started.

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Novelty Sign Carver, custom carved wood novelty, gift signs and camping signs .
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