Mike’s Bio

What got me interested in wood sign carving:
Hi, my name is Mike Kearns. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and am still a Lincoln resident. I started my woodworking career in 1968 as a framing carpenter, and continued that craft until 1989. That year I decided that after 21 years of framing houses, my back had endured enough abuse. That’s when I decided to pursue  the finish carpentry field, and became interested in wood sign carving.

One day I witnessed a gentleman freehand carving a sign at the fair. I decided to give it a try and soon found out, it wasn’t quite as easy as he made it look. After countless hours of practice and a lot of sacrificed pieces of wood, I too became efficient at the craft.  I have been carving custom signs for satisfied customers all over the U.S.  for over 14 years. So let me carve you a beautiful sign or plaque, that you will proud to display anywhere. Visit my Gallery or send me your idea and let me design one. I will then email you a simulated rendition of what your sign will look like.

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Thanks for visiting my site,
Mike Kearns
Novelty Sign Carver